National Logistics Day: Conker calls out to the logistics sector to ensure speed and accuracy remain key priorities during these tumultuous times

In 2020, the logistics sector contributed £127 billion Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK economy[1]. On National Logistics Day, Conker, which provides a range of rugged, wearable and scannable devices for mobile workforces, is calling out to logistics stakeholders to ensure that speed and accuracy remain a real priority in their work to help reduce the cost of failed deliveries.


Tash Sievwright, logistics business development executive at Conker, comments:

“As inflation continues to have a huge impact across every sector, logistics is one that has been really affected. The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has estimated that the cost of running a truck has risen by around 40% in the last 12 months and according to Logistics UK’s recent survey orders are in decline – some reporting by 25% and for others that order fulfilment has been hampered by supply chain blockages and shortages.

“In a competitive market that’s about to become even more so, working on the smallest margins there is little room for error. The need for cost savings at every level has never been so important.”


How automation can help

Automating the material handling, packaging and loading processes helps to get vehicles on the road faster. Rugged mobile devices which can scan and feed directly into the back-end stock management systems streamline and deliver efficiencies.

Designed to keep workers’ hands-free, wearable scanners can reduce each scanning action by a further 10 seconds per day – boosting efficiency and productivity even more.

Many fast-paced hard-working environments need rugged devices, a type of hardware designed to tolerate the harshest environments. From extreme temperatures to dusty environments, they can tolerate a range of hazards including exposure to fluids and extreme vibrations. Touch screens can be operated with gloves on and as the battery life is designed to last an entire shift – rugged devices are built to last. They positively impact costs in downtime and the time and cost to replace devices that are just not durable enough.


James Summers, CEO at Conker, added:

“At a time when there is no time for downtime, operational efficiencies that are enduring will become an essential matrix that many organisations will need to review and adopt.

“The products surfacing during this new era of smarter operations are further supported by automation and real-time connectivity with other departments. The results include increased productivity, reduced resources, and speed of response to customers’ orders resulting in improved bottom lines”.


All Conker products come with a free one-year ‘Relax’ accidental damage warranty, which means customers are covered on all their devices, whatever happens, no quibbles. Three- and five-year accidental damage warranties are also available with no small print and no exclusions. For further information, please visit