Northgate’s Control and Control+ Telematics help fleets boost efficiency.

Northgate has re-launched its intelligent Telematics service to provide fleets with live FleetUser data that will help them maximise cost efficiencies, helping to alleviate operational cost rises across the board.

For Britain’s busy commercial fleets, suffering the brunt of fuel price rises, Northgate’s full suite of telematics offerings not only maximise efficient vehicle usage via the ability to plan routes in an intelligent manner, but they can also work with drivers to maximise driving efficiency along these routes.

Northgate Telematics can be fitted to all of the customers fleet, not only Northgate vehicles can enjoy real-time information on vehicle location, to empower fleet coordinators to optimise efficiencies across each working day.

Northgate offers two service levels of telematics provision, Control provides live vehicle tracking, journey history, the ability to monitor out-of-hours use, vehicle activity, and can generate reports which help the effective utilisation of vehicles. Control+ delivers additional features such as bespoke out-of-hours reporting, driver behaviour alerts, a full report suite with bespoke reporting, as well as access to performance dashboards, and real-time alerts via SMS.

Northgate offers useful optional add-ons to further enhance its Telematics capabilities. Front-facing cameras can be requested for capturing any evidence required in the event of an accident as well as informing operators on driver behaviour. In scenarios where drivers hop in and out of multiple vehicles, Northgate can add driver tracking as a bolt-on service. Esso Fuel Card connectivity is also available to keep track of fuel expenses, saving customers an average of 7p per litre on pump prices. Additionally, Northgate can provide face-to-face training sessions to businesses to ensure the Telematics services are used to maximum effectiveness.

Northgate’s cloud-based telematics platform is not only designed to gather impactful data on fleet usage but is also intuitive to use. With the ability to prioritise key information via branded dashboards, individual users can view different information according to their needs. Its clean interface clearly displays live locations via a map view, while additional data is accessed via easy-to-navigate tabs.

Recording multiple data points, from journey history and average speeds to vehicle idling times, the reporting software arms fleet managers with the information needed to maximise the efficient use of fleets.

As a key component in Northgate’s fleet electrification program, Drive to Zero, telematics provision forms a crucial first step for fleets looking to transition to electric vehicles. The data captured by the system is used by Northgate to build an accurate picture of vehicle usage, from which a suitability report can be generated, before a robust transition program is then implemented.

Neil McCrossan, Sales and Marketing Director of Northgate, said. “Northgate’s full suite of telematics provisions have been designed to help our customers maximise the overall efficiency of their fleets. Whether through good route planning, ensuring that no unnecessary miles are covered, or through increasing vehicle range through better driving styles, our programme gives businesses the tools they need to ensure the best possible usage of their vehicles,”

Already available to customers, Northgate Telematics has seen great results for customers, such as Wandle, a responsive repairs business with a fleet of 35 vehicles. Wandle Account Manager, Tracey Horner, said: “Installing telematics in all the vehicles has been extremely beneficial to Wandle, so much so, that the company driving policy is being re-written.”

“The tracking and cameras provide the drivers with peace of mind too; they are there for their safety as well as the other road users and to help the company save on fuel and vehicle repair costs.”