Visiontrack Drives Road Safety Improvement In The US With Together For Safer Roads

VisionTrack, the leading global provider of AI video telematics and connected fleet data solutions, is taking a leading role in road safety in the US through its partnership with global NGO, Together for Safer Roads (TSR). The company supported TSR at a series of high-profile events in New York City – including the NGO’s annual meeting – that celebrated road safety commitment; provided guidance on fleet risk and collision prevention; and explored industry-leading projects.

“As a key partner and the sponsor of TSR’s annual meeting, we share and support their focus on Vision Zero and eliminating the 40,000+ deaths that occur from traffic crashes on US roadways each year,” explains Richard Kent, VP of Global Sales at VisionTrack. “Our senior management team spent the week in New York City with TSR to help raise awareness of road safety challenges, discuss industry best practice, and support the Truck of the Future pilot program.”


Concordia Annual Summit

The Concordia Annual Summit – a global affairs forum that examines the most pressing global challenges to identify avenues for collaboration – was running alongside the UN General Assembly. High-profile speakers at the event included First Lady Jill Biden, former British PM Tony Blair, New York Mayor Eric Adams, and New York Governor Kathy Hochul, as well as a host of other heads of state and leaders from the private and NGO sectors.

Richard Kent spoke at a roundtable hosted by TSR on the topic of distracted driving. He discussed how AI and Computer Vision is helping cut road deaths and serious injuries in the UK, and how this same approach could be used by fleets in the US to achieve similar safety results.


TSR Kick-Off Reception

The prelude to Together for Safer Roads Annual Meeting and a ceremony for the Annual Global Vision Zero Awards. In particular, the event celebrated the contribution New York City Mayor Eric Adams is making to road safety. He received the Global Vision Zero Leadership Award from TSR and presented by VisionTrack for the crucial role he played in securing more than $900 million in funding to tackle the city’s traffic violence crisis and deliver a safer, healthier, and greener city for all New Yorkers.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Charles Morriston, VisionTrack’s Head of Global Services, described the historic investment as a “game-changer”, which is tackling the crisis head-on and putting New York at the forefront of road safety both nationally and internationally. He went on to say that it will: “Enable the city to introduce unique initiatives that help better protect cyclists, speed up public transportation and reclaim street space for pedestrians.”

City of Madison Fleet Superintendent Mahanth Joishy was also honoured with the Lenin Fierro Vision Zero Fleet Advocacy Award. He accepted the accolade on behalf of the city for its impactful efforts towards reducing fleet and traffic collisions in the community.


TSR Annual Meeting

The VisionTrack-sponsored forum included discussions regarding Vision Zero best practices, near-miss, fleet safety, distracted driving, new cargo bikes and sustainable freight options.

VisionTrack’s Charles Morriston, Richard Kent and Matthew Ison (Head of Sales – North America), were involved in a number of panel sessions throughout the day. They discussed a range      of topics such as distracted driving, DVS standard, the use of technology to cut road deaths and other innovations in road and pedestrian safety and vehicle design. Other speakers and presenters included former President of General Motors International Steve Kiefer, chairman and founder of      the Kiefer Foundation; Al Cook from PepsiCo; Keith Kerman and Eric Richardson from DCAS; and Jim Olsen from Republic Services.

“America’s roads are a dangerous place, and most of us have experienced traffic violence or a near-miss while behind the wheel, on a bicycle or crossing the street,” said Kat Krieger, CMO of Together for Safer Roads. “TSR’s partnership with VisionTrack will help make professional drivers safer and more productive, but is also a step toward eliminating unnecessary collisions, injuries and fatalities across streets and roads throughout the country.”

In addition, VisionTrack is providing advanced video-enabled solutions to TSR’s Truck of the Future pilot program, which aims to eliminate collisions between HGVs and other road users through enhanced driver visibility. The objective of this initiative is to replicate the success of London’s Direct Vision Standard (DVS) scheme – introduced in 2021 by TfL – that has already helped reduce serious injuries by 64% in the first year when compared to 2017 levels. Through Truck of the Future, the company is supporting technology trials with some of the largest fleet operations in the US and Mexico including NYC DCAS, UPS, AB InBev and Republic Services.

“Since 2014, more than 45 US communities have committed to Vision Zero, but to date, many cities have yet to replicate the steady reduction in traffic deaths seen on European roads. According to figures from NHTSA, US traffic fatalities were actually up more than 10% in 2021, and through the first three months of 2022, were up a further 7%.

However, there is a continued determination to save lives, and this year alone, New York, Seattle and Phoenix have committed multi-million-dollar funding for road safety, while El Paso and Stamford become the latest cities to adopt Vision Zero. We are excited to be working with TSR at such a crucial time for Vision Zero and look forward to contributing to real change within the US,” adds Richard Kent.