Visiontrack Strengthens Computer Vision Expertise To Drive AI Innovation

VisionTrack is expanding its computer vision development team to deliver next-generation AI video analysis that provides faster FNOL, improved understanding of driver behaviour and greater insight into fleet risk. Babak Rezaeirowshan and Arif Elahi have joined the company as computer vision engineers to further strengthen VisionTrack’s in-house expertise across relevant fields of artificial intelligence.

“As the video telematics sector evolves, we are needing to watch and analyse ever greater volumes of video content and data, which is simply not possible without advances in AI,” explains Mark Raymond, CTO of VisionTrack. “We are already collecting 30 billion data points and 55 million hours of video a month, so complex computer vision systems are needed to process the footage and gain unique fleet insight beyond traditional telematics black box data analysis. Babak and Arif will help us accelerate the ongoing development of leading cloud-and edge-based AI solutions.”

Babak Rezaeirowshan is a computer vision and machine learning research and development engineer with over five years of experience in real-time algorithms for 3D reconstruction, object detection and tracking. Most recently he was a C++ Algorithm Engineer at Continental where he developed optimised real-time computer vision algorithms for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) solutions.

Arif Elahi joins VisionTrack from Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) where he was a computer vision engineer within the company’s R&D department that was responsible for designing robotic camera systems. He completed his Master’s in Electrical Electronic Engineering at The University of Manchester last year, studying both computer vision and machine learning.

Simon Marsh, CEO of VisionTrack commented: “We are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We are becoming a major disruptor in the marketplace by growing our in-house development team and recruiting the best big data, AI, computer vision and cybernetics specialists. This is enabling us to drive video telematics innovation and transform how vehicle operations approach road safety, claims management, duty of care, fleet compliance and operational risk.”