Warning for road-trippers as Easter essentials could void insurance

Side view of man holding his bike while dismounting it from a car roof carrier.

British holidaymakers adapting their cars for staycations need to tell their insurers says Quotezone.co.uk.

With Easter just around the corner, the insurance comparison website is warning staycationers to be careful of certain modifications that could ruin their holiday.

Road-trippers attaching towbars and roof racks, for example, is viewed as a modification that could alter the car insurance policy.

Modifications can be seen as increasing the risk of an insurance claim either by adding value – making the vehicle more attractive to thieves, or by increasing the chances of having an accident.

If the modifications are newly installed for that long awaited Easter road trip, drivers will need to inform their insurance providers or risk voiding their policy with invalid details.

Greg Wilson, Founder of Quotezone.co.uk, one of the UK’s leading car insurance comparison websites comments: “It’s likely there will be a surge of road-trippers keen to visit friends and family given the last two Easter holidays were under various lockdown restrictions.

“Easter also marks the start of the better weather and the chance to enjoy caravanning, camping and cycling – all of which usually require specialist adaptions to the car for transporting.  Attaching a towbar for example can be seen as an increased risk to insurance companies, given it’s likely to be pulling a caravan, a trailer or even a boat, so some may recalculate the insurance premium.

“Should the worst happen and the driver needs to make a claim, if the policy details don’t match up, the insurance provider could void the policy, meaning the driver is uninsured and therefore unprotected, so it’s always best to be honest and keep the insurance policy updated.

“If the insurance premium does increase, drivers can always shop around by using a comparison website such as ours – note some insurers can charge a small service fee for making changes to the policy but it’s worth it to keep the policy accurate.”

Staycation demand rocketed during the pandemic and that trend is continuing with research by tour operator Hoseasons showing that 83% of UK residents who took a staycation last year hope to do it again in 2022.

Quotezone.co.uk has compiled some advice for travelling on the roads this Easter:


  1. Don’t over pack the car – make sure you can still see clearly, obstructing windows and mirrors can land you with a fine.
  2. Don’t burst your ear drums – keep the sing along to a minimum, music that’s too loud can be deemed as a distraction and can cause a fine or penalty points for reckless driving
  3. April showers make for muddy roads, make sure the number plate isn’t dirty before setting off or the police might have something to say.
  4. Don’t forget your homework – if you’re pulling a trailer or caravan you’ll need to double check you’re up to speed with the highway code, there are specific weights and widths that need to be followed and even a change in speed limit on certain roads.
  5. Don’t forget the pre-road trip rituals – check tyres, top up windscreen squirters, check pets are secured safely, pack jump leads / petrol can and check insurance is up to date, accurate and covers the intended destination.

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