Motorcycles are an extremely agile and fast-paced way to travel around your city or on your daily commute. Every motorbike owner has different preferences when it comes to their vehicles. Some just want a simple ride, but others want to ride a motorbike that is glamorous or has a strong engine.

Nowadays, motorbike innovations make rides safer and more efficient. Here are 7 important motorbike innovations that you really need to know about.


  1. Motorbike Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is a great innovation to ensure you are covered when you go out on a motorcycle ride. Protecting you from damages and accidents, you’ll find that it’s a great way to feel safe when you go out on the road. You can also get motorbike insurance to protect you if your bike is stolen or other people are injured during a bike trip.

What makes motorbike insurance so innovative is that you can add further types of insurance on top of it! This includes breakdown cover and personal accident cover. Just keep in mind that motorbike insurance is legally required if you ride a motorcycle on the road. If you’re looking for an insurer, you should look at Devitt over a best-in-class motorbike insurance offering. They will give you a great deal!


  1. Jacket Airbags

It’s been estimated that around 2,756 lives were saved due to airbags back in 2016. That’s why it’s been a brilliant innovation that airbags should actually be combined with jackets. Manufacturers have actually created jackets that contain airbags that are fitted with sensors. If there is an impact, the sensors go into action and an airbag is deployed to protect the rider’s vital organs and their chest. If you are thinking about going for a ride, make sure to wear one of these airbags to ensure your protection.


  1. GPS Devices

In the past, you may have been forced to take a map with you in order to understand where you were going. However, nowadays you can actually get GPS devices for your motorcycle that can keep you on track throughout your journey. They’re useful to have just in case you get lost.


  1. USB Chargers

Nowadays, there’s a lot of electrical equipment that you may need to take out when you go on a motorcycle ride. For instance, you may have a camera, your phone or a GPS device. In times of emergency, you may need to charge them up. Well, you can do this by using a USB charger attached to your battery harness. This means if you are in an emergency, and one of your electronics is low on power, you can charge them up through your motorbike. This is innovation at its finest.


  1. Motorcycle Backpacks

When you go on a journey, you need a solid backpack to keep your items safe from the weather or your time spent riding your motorcycle. Specialised backpacks have been created that can protect your belongings inside a motorcycle backpack. They have been created with weatherproof, insulated material that can make sure no damage is done when you are on your journey.


  1. Three-Wheeled Motorbikes

A relatively recent innovation been the re-emergence of three-wheeled motorcycles. A lot of riders are from the older community. Therefore, manufacturers are interested in offering a motorcycle ride that can be stable and easier to use. Not only do these “trikes” offer more balance than a traditional motorcycle does, but they also often look extremely cool. Therefore, such a motorbike could be perfect if you are looking for something that appears unique and can garner some attention.


  1. LED Lighting

When it comes to motorbikes on the road, it’s crucial that you make your ride as visible as possible. That way, you can be seen on the road and can see the road more clearly. Even if there are bad conditions, the rider will be able to travel down the road with ease. There are even helmets that have LED lighting installed to increase visibility. This can help give other road users greater awareness of a nearby motorcycle rider, so that they can give that person a wide berth on the road.


Are you ready to go for a ride?

If you are ready to go for a motorcycle ride, make sure to use as many relevant and innovative devices as possible. That way, your ride will be smoother, and you will be able to enjoy yourself more when you are out on the road. We hope you enjoy your motorcycle ride!