‘73 Number Plates: A New Era of Personalisation


Photo of Infiniti G37 coupe at the parking

Calling all automobile enthusiasts! The much-anticipated wait is over, as the new ’73 series number plates release is rapidly approaching. As of September 1st, all newly manufactured vehicles up until the end February 2024 will have a ‘73 number plate, and these registrations are available to buy now!

A Registration Re-Vamp

Vehicle owners can now say goodbye to boring, ordinary number plates and embrace their creativity as they tailor their new ‘73 number plate to match their personalities, hobbies, and passions.

Available in a variety of combinations, people can now express their individuality, whether it’s with a name, a date, or a special word there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Name number plates are extremely popular among motorists with combinations like ‘K73 ARL’, ‘PET 73R’ and ‘SAL 73Y all up for grabs!

David Edwards, Director of Operations at National Numbers commented on the upcoming eagerly awaited release:

“Here at National Numbers, we are excited to introduce the new ’73 series number plates to our valued customers. These registrations are a timeless addition to any vehicle, perfect for those looking to showcase their unique personality. If you are looking to upgrade your registration, our number plate builder allows you to get creative and try out some new ideas. We also have a huge selection of private number plates available to buy online from our website.”

Breaking the Rules

Whilst most number plates are harmless and follow the rules, there are some that have been banned by DVLA for being controversial or offensive to road users. The three-letter prefix AN73 has been disallowed when followed by an array of combinations as it could be read as ‘ANTI’ same goes for ‘HA73’ that should stop anyone trying to spread messages of hate through their number plate.

For more information on the new ’73 series number plate visit https://www.nationalnumbers.co.uk/

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