Bank holiday warning as learner drivers at risk of 2,500 fines for taxiing drunk passengers


The August summer bank holiday is fast approaching, so a new warning has been issued by learner driver insurer Veygo, on the importance of learners having sober front seat passengers.

Brits will likely flock to pubs and on off on day trips to enjoy the long-awaited warmer weather and make the most of the extra day off. And with some learners being under the legal drinking age of 18, and Gen Z being more mindful drinkers that opt for non-alcoholic options – this makes learners a go-to choice for a lift home over the long weekend or being the go-to designated driver. However these ‘beer goggles’ for overlooking the law will set motorists back £2,500 and 10 points, warns Veygo.

Anyone using a learner driver as their designated driver to and from a beer garden, without being a sober and qualified supervising passenger in the front seat, can face fines of up to £2,500, 10 points on their licence, or a ban from driving – even though they’re not personally at the wheel.


James Armstrong, CEO of Veygo says: “Many people don’t realise that accepting a lift from a friend who is a learner – no matter how confident they are – means that, as a qualified driver, you are responsible for the control of the vehicle. This means that you must comply with the rules you would normally adhere to if you were in the driving seat, including being under the drink-drive limit.

“If you are getting in the front passenger seat with a learner as the designated driver, and are sipping a few cans on a road trip, or you’ve enjoyed one-too-many the night before the journey home and are still under the influence, you could face 10 points on your licence, a fine of up to £2,500, a three-month prison sentence, or a potential driving ban.”


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