Brits could save £268 a year by planning their petrol visits

Hippo Leasing analysed how much drivers could save by looking around for the cheapest offers on petrol within a 5-mile radius in the top 50 most populated UK cities.

The data revealed that if drivers used an app, such as PetrolPrices, to find the cheapest petrol on offer in the area, they could save up to £16.77 on a tank of petrol. This highest-saving was in Coventry, where if drivers in the city drove 2.11 miles from the centre (for a cost of 23p) they would get the tank for £16.77, cheaper than the most expensive in the city, proving it is always worth checking for the prices in your area.

The average Brit fills their fuel tank fully 16 times per year! This means if Brits planned their petrol visits for the cheapest petrol station in the area, they could generate a whopping saving of up to £268.32 a year!

Drivers in Wigan (£242.24 a year) and Leicester (£261.44 a year) could also make significant savings.

Top 10 Cities that could be making the largest petrol savings in 2024

City Cheapest Station PPL Most Expensive Station PPL Savings per tank (£) Annual savings (£)
Coventry 128.9 167.9 16.77 £268.32
Leicester 129.9 167.9 16.34 £261.44
Wigan 132.7 167.9 15.136 £242.176
Reading 129.9 164.9 15.05 £240.8
Stoke-on-Trent 134.8 167.9 14.233 £227.728
Southampton 131.9 164.9 14.19 £227.04
Milton Keynes 135.7 167.9 13.846 £221.536
Northampton 136.9 167.9 13.33 £213.28
Nottingham 135.7 164.9 12.556 £200.896
Swansea 135.9 164.9 12.47 £199.52
Avg of 50 Cities 133.72 149.20 £6.66 £106.49

Expert reveals 4 ways to save money on your fuel

Using apps and websites to find the cheapest places to fill up in your area is clearly an obvious choice now to save  money on your fuel but Tom Preston, Managing Director and automotive expert at Hippo Leasing has more tips:

“You aren’t going to get very far without fuel, but there are ways to save on the cost of filling up your car. Driving smoothly, with less stopping and starting will help save the amount of petrol you use. Also, keeping tires properly inflated, and shedding unnecessary weight can significantly reduce the cost of your journey.”

“Don’t wait for your dashboard light to flash to tell you to fill up. It will cost you on average 29p to drive an extra few miles to a cheaper station in the area. This would be worthwhile if the savings on pence per litre are dramatic enough.”