E-Training World launches new training module to educate drivers on how to avoid common collision situations


Multi-award-winning online driver profiling and e-driver training provider E-Training World is delighted to release its new training module focused on avoiding collisions. With most crashes due to human error, the training module focuses on the common reasons drivers collide with others and how to avoid them.

Excessive speed is a frequent cause of collisions. Speed limits are a maximum and might not always be a safe speed. Drivers should always consider how far ahead they can see, the road and the weather conditions, and all potential hazards, such as what might emerge from hidden entrances or junctions.

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of insurance claim. These collisions often occur at roundabouts, where drivers often look to the right at what is coming around the roundabout, not the car in front of them. Junctions are also a high-risk location for rear-end collisions, especially when a vehicle is waiting to turn right but is prevented from doing so by oncoming traffic or a temporary obstruction in the road.

Other everyday collision situations include parking and manoeuvring, hitting parked vehicles and distracted driving. Drivers can easily be distracted by their phones, passengers, what’s going on on the other side of the road, and even thoughts inside their heads, like shopping lists or what they need to do when they get home.

Graham Hurdle, managing director at E-Training World, said, “Collisions can be fatal, cause serious injuries and cost thousands of pounds in vehicle damage and insurance claims. Even minor bumps and scrapes can cost companies dearly, as well as affect driver confidence. By completing training tailored to avoiding common collisions, drivers can become safer on the road and have fewer collisions.”

E-Training World is a two-time winner of the BusinessCar Techies ‘Best Risk Management’ Award and a company that pioneered online driver profiling and training. As well as serving some of the largest fleet operators in the UK, they provide branded/white-labelled systems to many of the best-known companies in the fleet sector. These include insurance companies, fleet management specialists, accident management providers, driver training businesses, vehicle rental specialists and other fleet sector suppliers.

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