Electric bin lorries have joined the Council’s growing non fossil fuel powered fleet.

Denbighshire County Council has taken delivery of two new Dennis Eagle e-Collect lorries.

The new arrivals follow a trial run in 2020 of a Dennis Eagle e-Collect bin lorry around Rhyl, Prestayn and Ruthin with staff from Waste and Recycling.

The Council declared a Climate Change and Ecological Emergency in July 2019 and committed to seeking to become a Net Carbon Zero and Ecologically Positive Council by 2030.

Part of this work is growing the number of non-fossil fuel vehicles used by the Council. Examples of these currently in use are taxis, an electric mini bus used in the Ruthin area, a mobile observatory van and EV ATV used by countryside staff, EV vans used for goods transport by different services and EV cars supporting social services staff.

Staff are currently familiarising themselves with the new lorries and how they can perform for the service. The vehicles will be brought into service before March.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “We are working hard to reduce the miles produced by fossil fuels in our county by Council staff and the public to tackle climate change

“The initial trial of the Dennis Eagle e-Collect went extremely well, it showed us that after a shift there was battery capacity left and that it was safer and comfortable for the staff.

“Above all these two vehicles are another important part in the chain to reduce our fleet carbon emissions and I look forward to seeing them enter service soon. “