IONITY Opens First Ever Ultra-Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Wales 

IONITY today announces the opening of its first 350kW ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging site in Wales. The chargers will open to the public on 17  January 2023 in Magor, Monmouthshire, South East Wales, near Newport. This is a key location just off the M4, close to the Prince of Wales Bridge, connecting EV drivers travelling long-distance between Wales and England for both holiday and work purposes.


The next site following Magor will open later this year in Holywell, North Wales, alongside a new drive-thru Starbucks off the A55, with several more sites in the pipeline throughout Wales.


Charging with IONITY means 100% green energy from source to socket, which makes EV travel emission-free and truly carbon neutral, providing a positive contribution to the overall goal of decarbonising mobility in Wales and across Europe. IONITY has a partnership with green energy provider Octopus throughout the U.K. to ensure all energy powering its ultra-rapid chargers is 100% renewable.


IONITY’s Country Manager of UK and Ireland, Andreas Atkins comments “We are pleased to open our first IONITY site in Wales, for the benefit of local electric vehicle owners and those travelling to visit. The charging site will be an asset to commuters and locals alike and we hope it will encourage further adoption of electric vehicles with the assurance that they can easily and quickly charge their vehicles on the go.”


IONITY’s high-power chargers have a capability to fast- charge at up to 350 kW. The charger automatically optimises its charging power to the maximum a specific car model can handle, therefore always providing the fastest charging experience.

Minister for Climate Change, Julie James, adds: “We are committed to working with the private sector to provide high-quality, ultra-rapid charging facilities across Wales so that electric vehicle users can confidently access charging when and where they need to. We welcome the progress that Ionity is making in this area.”


IONITY makes long distance travel with electric vehicles the new normal, building and operating a high-power charging network for electric vehicles along Europe’s motorways and major roads. The mission is to build a comprehensive charging infrastructure throughout the UK and Europe, to enable a fast and seamless charging experience for customers.