Leeading Consumer Rights Group Issues Call for Action Following Airport Blaze

Burning car on the road

A CONSUMER rights group has contacted Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service after it emerged a blaze they responded to at Luton Airport may have been caused by a car fire.

Right Against Might also urged motorists to get in touch if they are concerned their vehicle may have a fault that constitutes a fire risk.

Their call to action follows a fire in a car park at Luton Airport on Tuesday which caused a partial collapse of the £20 million structure – and the expected loss of the 1405 vehicles parked there.

The founder of RAM, advertising executive Chris Joseph, said he fears it could be a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed unless manufacturers issue recall notices.

Mr Joseph has extensive experience in this area having recently supported a motorist who won a settlement after his own car exploded.

He said: “It’s extraordinary that in this day and age cars are exploding but what’s more extraordinary is that people are then running around not dealing with it properly.

“That’s why I’ve written to the chief fire officer of Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service to offer our assistance in any way we can.

“Right Against Might has expertise in this area as we reached a confidential settlement for one of our clients after an independent review of the burned-out wreckage of his car found that a manufacturer’s fault was to blame.

“I would urgently appeal to motorists who have experienced an unexpected car fire to come forward and we will help you get justice if a design fault is to blame.”


Right Against Might (RAM) is a group that has been set up to hold the biggest businesses and organisations to account on behalf of “underdog consumers”.

Using a unique approach, the company aims to secure “swift justice” without resorting to legal action for thousands of people across the UK with nowhere else to turn.

RAM acted for a businessman whose car caught fire as his son-in-law was driving on the A1(M).

He was able to escape before the flames completely engulfed the vehicle and it exploded, but was left traumatised by the experience.


Chris, from Stockton-on-Tees, is also a bestselling author and mental health campaigner, and has successfully challenged several multinational companies in the High Court in London. He has also taken on and beaten the banking industry.

His trailblazing work established the legal precedent by which all creative agencies now retain copyright in their pitch work.