New research reveals Sean Connery’s Bond has the best car collection, worth over £1.6M

The new study carried out by Moneybarn, has analysed the current value of each 007’s car collection, to reveal which Bond star has the flashiest car collection in the present day.


You can view the full research here:


The flashiest 007 car collections:

Rank 007 Actor Estimated Car Collection Value 
1 Sean Connery £1,618,505
2 Daniel Craig £1,195,242
3 Pierce Brosnan £957,650
4 Roger Moore £253,314
5 Timothy Dalton £232,750
6 George Lazenby £117,732
Jame Bond Car Value Total: £4,375,193


Sean Connery, the original Bond, takes the top spot for the flashiest car collection as 007. Connery’s collection is worth over £1.6 million in the present day! In his collection are two Aston Martin DB5s, a staple of the movie series and the Sunbeam Alpine, the first car Bond drives on the silver screen.


The most recent Bond, Daniel Craig, takes second place for the flashiest car collection, totalling more than £1.1 million today! Aside from a fleet of luxury sports cars including four Aston Martins, this version of 007 also has more modest tastes, with two very affordable Fords in his collection.


Pierce Brosnan’s 007 ranks in third place, with his car collection having a current value of over £950,000! Brosnan’s collection includes three BMWs, two of which met sticky ends, and an Aston Martin Vanquish, equipped with an adaptive camouflage that renders it invisible.


Further findings: 

  • The total of Mr. Bond’s car damages from every film cost over a whopping £1.9 million!
  • Sean Connery’s 007 also caused the most in damages, costing a whopping £675,000 from a single crash!
  • Goldfinger, Thunderball and Golden Eye had the best car collection of all of the Bond movies, with a joint value of £675,000.
  • George Lazenby was named the most cautious 007. Starring in only one Bond film, Lazenby’s Bond destroys only two cars, costing around £117,000 to replace today.