UK garages charge up to 124% more than national average for car service

New data from Wagonex reveals the true cost of car maintenance


  • Research reveals true cost for an MOT in the UK is almost 20% higher than national average
  • Data shows 66% of UK garages charge over £200 for a full service
  • Almost a quarter of drivers admit to postponing their next car service to save money
  • Wagonex urges motorists to consider packages that include servicing, as Brits neglect car repairs

New research from Wagonex reveals the true costs drivers face for maintaining their vehicles. Mounting pressure from the ongoing cost-of-living crisis has resulted in drivers delaying essential vehicle repairs.

Data from 55 garages across the UK has revealed the cost for a full service surpasses the average of £140, ranging from £163.99 – £314.47, which means that some garages are charging a staggering 124% more than the national average.

The South West was found to be most expensive, with garages charging up to £370 for a full service, while garages in Yorkshire charged the least, yet costs remained 16% above the national average. 66% of garages across the UK charge over £200 for a full service.

The continued cost-of-living crisis has had a significant impact on the cost of car maintenance. The RAC reported that nearly a quarter of drivers (23%) either put off getting their vehicles serviced, while 10% have postponed their next car service by up to a year in an effort to save money. This indicates drivers are more likely to suffer breakdowns and having to pay more for more expensive repairs as a result.

According to the Department of Transport, the average cost of an MOT across the UK is £40, but research has revealed the true average cost of MOTs as £47.95, an increase of 19.8%. Drivers in Scotland are subject to higher MOT charges of up to £60, while those in the East Midlands pay as little as £35. MOTs are a necessity, with no grace period. Varying costs can have a significant impact on whether or not owning a car full-time is financially viable.

The data also revealed it costs on average £2,384.31 for essential repair and replacement of car parts per year, with gearboxes eating into 12% of the total cost. As a result, Wagonex is encouraging drivers to consider packages that include both servicing and maintenance as more Brits neglect essential car repairs.

 Toby Kernon, founder, and CEO of Wagonex said: “It’s clear that maintaining a car is a substantial investment, but it’s paramount to ensuring the roads are a safe place for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike. Ensuring your car is fully up to date with MOT’s, servicing and car parts is crucial in ensuring driver safety, but with less drivers being able to afford routine servicing and maintenance, it’s becoming more of a concern.

 “However, subscription can alleviate these concerns, reducing the worry drivers may have about keeping up with the ever-growing costs of cars and their upkeep, such as servicing and maintenance – which can become costly for older vehicles. For EVs, this is particularly valuable as most are unclear on the running costs, such as replacement batteries. Our recent research also shows that drivers who own their car outright could be paying more in fees than if they have a car subscription. Opting for a subscription instead gives drivers the freedom to choose a brand new car that suits their lifestyle and needs without the pressures of additional service and maintenance costs of maintaining aging vehicles”.


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