Veezu Supports British Red Cross’ Pakistan Flood Charity Appeal

Veezu, the UK’s fastest-growing taxi and private hire technology platform, has donated a significant sum to the British Red Cross’ Pakistan Floods Appeal.

The firm is supporting the British Red Cross’ teams in their efforts to reach the people affected by the disaster, and to make sure they receive safety, shelter and healthcare.

The flooding in Pakistan, caused by torrential monsoon rainfall, has resulted in more than a thousand casualties and millions of people being displaced, with the most serious issue now being water-born infectious diseases, as more than a third of the country is currently underwater.

The impacts of the floods are expected to be long lasting, but the British Red Cross, alongside other humanitarian charities will support communities through the crisis and help them rebuild their lives and livelihoods.


Nathan Bowles, Chief Executive Officer at Veezu, said: “The disaster in Pakistan is terrible to see and it is painfully close to home with so many Veezu driver-partners having close links with Pakistan.

“We wanted to support these driver-partners, as well as the British Red Cross in their humanitarian efforts towards the people of Pakistan in any way we could, and we hope our donation will help.”