Leading car manufacturer contracts lead to 200 percent growth for Nextbase Dash Cams

  • New contracts with major automotive manufacturers, including Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Kia and Volkswagen, results in huge growth for British Dash Cam pioneers, Nextbase.
  • Dash Cams are now the most popular vehicle accessory amongst these leading brands. Up to one in three of vehicles sold by these manufacturers includes a Nextbase Dash Cam.
  • Auto-Issue awarded with leading vehicle brands as sales growth and Dash Cam attachment is clearly recognised within the Automotive sector.

Nextbase, the UK’s leading Dash Cam brand, has seen a 200 percent increase in year-on-year sales to the UK’s leading automotive brands, amidst an ambitious new campaign to revolutionise the availability of this life-saving technology to UK vehicle manufacturers and their customers.

Five of the top vehicle manufacturers across the UK and Europe, representing over 50 percent of the UK’s automotive market share, now offer bespoke vehicle manufacturer Nextbase Dash Cams pre-installed. These brands include Toyota, Lexus, Kia, Hyundai, Skoda, Volkswagen, Seat, Isuzu, and Ford.

Since their introduction to the UK market by Nextbase in 2012, Dash Cams have become the most popular vehicle accessory in the UK, with one in three vehicles from these vehicle manufacturers now sold with the in-car technology installed, and many more installed by customers themselves The wider Dash Cam sector has grown hugely year-on-year, but this hasn’t diluted Nextbase’s dominance.

Nextbase’s continuing innovation in the Dash Cam sector has seen it increase its market share to  76 percent in the UK, 55 percent in Europe and 20 percent in the US – making it a territory leader in all the countries it operates in. Nextbase has also seen a 75 percent year-on-year growth over the last two years, selling over five million Dash Cams to date, making the British company the global leader.

Of the entire Nextbase range, the most popular product provided to its OEM partners is the Nextbase 380GWX. This fully approved, automotive grade accessory offers a discreet design and feel, whilst maintaining key features such as enhanced image quality, WIFI connectivity and advanced parking mode.

In addition to vehicle manufacturer partnerships, Nextbase is investing millions of pounds into research and development to ensure that its Dash Cams are the most advanced  and safest on the market. Nextbase aims for all vehicles to one day come complete with a Dash Cam fitted to ensure driver safety.

Rory Naylon, Accessories Manager at Toyota / Lexus UK (TGB) said, “Since 2018, Nextbase Dash Cams have been an integral part of our third-party aftersales portfolio, delivering value to the business and protecting our customers and their vehicles. Based on the success we have seen from these product lines; we are actively involved in developing new products with Nextbase to ensure our customers are well served.”

Adam Weigleb, Head of Automotive at Nextbase, said, “The increase in OEM sales is evidence of the growing demand for Dash Cams in the UK. Nextbase is leading the charge in specialist Dash Cams for vehicles and is continuing to develop pioneering new products for this market. Our products are making the roads safer. This arm of our business will play a pivotal role in our continued global success.”